Training On-Line

Webinar – every month meetings will be arranged with dentistry professionals of national and international repute. The speakers will propose topical subjects linked to various dental specializations. Anyone wishing to participate in an event need only register. Once participation has been verified (based on a maximum number of participants), an invitation will be sent via email containing details about the programme, including the date and time as well as an automatic access link. Members will need to have access to an ADSL link as well as a compatible external audio communication system, i.e. headset.

The tools used for this session are the most reliable and modern available today. The speaker will have at his disposal everything necessary to maximize the use of his “blackboard”: write, highlight, underline, draw etc.; he will be able to control the audio link with participants thereby permitting direct conversation. Webinar participants will have the chance to send questions, which will be answered in chronological order during the talk. The main aim is to offer solutions which the practitioner will be able to apply easily and repeatedly, therefore the speaker will interrupt the talk frequently in order to answer questions or to check that what he or she has said has been understood. Participants will be able to publicly disclose their questions or comments or exchange opinions with any other member who is online. At the end of the meeting questionnaires will be compiled in order to monitor the success of the event.

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