It is our intention to give registered professionals access to all the services they feel this platform should offer As a starting point we have decided to include the topics but we will always examine any future requests.



We will keep our readers updated by selecting articles and comments from national and international literature. These articles will be summarized in the form of abstracts, reading guides and links to related pages. In the page Sector Magazines it will be possible to evaluate the source of the pieces of news.


The blog is intended to be the hub of the system. It is here that practitioners will be able to freely discuss their opinions about the matters in hand. We hope, and will constantly monitor, that these discussions never turn into competitions about who is best. Respect for this tool is essential as it will be a precious resource to everyone involved, helping us to grow while answering any doubts or questions.


The webinar represents a moment for direct discussion with an opinion leader who will express his or her point of view in a simple and constructive manner. We will organize with the speaker a short programme (1 hour) concentrated on several practical topics so that the registered member can immediately begin to successfully put into practice the information received. Registration fees for this service will be kept as low as possible.

Search Options

Everything that is written or seen will be included in a series of databases coded with key words that will permit members to carry out advanced research on specific topics. These webinars will be recorded and made available for viewing (payment required) on desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone (windows, iOS, android, blackberry).

Curriculum vitae

The Resources section contains the professional details of everyone participating in the Academy of Dentistry.

Events calendar

This will contain information about any national (Italian) events held by scientific associations. In addition to this we think members will be pleased to also find details about meetings of the Opinion Leaders who actively participate in managing the Academy of Dentistry.

Application forms

Anything from a registration application, to requests for specific information or personalized in-depth study can be made by filling in the appropriate forms. A list in PDF is available, click here.