Dental Training

Our aim is to help professionals by listening to and meeting their requests, so that they are able to maintain a firm grip on their work activity in this period of great change.

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Investigate, learn and safely move with the new technologies:

  • Cone Beam
  • Laboratory scanner
  • Intra-oral scanner
  • ...

How can we make the best use of new technologies? Let’s learn more about them:

     Zirconia Lithium-disilicateTitanium
Chromo Specific Adhesives Composite cements
    Cobalt Laser sintering Laser melting

The sector is changing: let’s learn about these changes

 Low-cost Centres Advertising Web
Special Offers Purchasing Groups
   Franchising Whitening Centres

Nowadays it is necessary to pay close attention to running costs.

Let’s see where it is possible to save and where it is wise to invest.

sample iconTraining on-line

Webinars, questionnaires and videos from experts on new tecnologies.
The best possible on your PC.

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sample iconTraining on-site

The most known Opinion Leaders of italian and international dentistry will train you one to one or in little groups.

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Community of dentists, dental technicians and hygienists; blog; news from letterature and from market, webinars.


Gli articoli saranno resi disponibili a breve con un paio di immagini di richiamo.
I webinar saranno prodotti anche in lingua inglese e perciò distinti nel calendario.